Website Changelog

Date Change Notes Follow-up Actions
14 Sept 2012 Initial release based on the Base-USA template set from (12 Sep 2012 version). Also using the Meteohub plugin (28 Apr 2012 version). See Saratoga Weather for updated release information.
15 Sept 2012 Updated MH_Plugin files to correct date display on homepage. Was reversing month and day.
16 Sept 2012
17 Sept 2012 Added direct link in sidebar to Weathur Underground KMANORTH12 page (Forecast & Advisories/WU Conditions and Forecast) Need to move this into a PHP page.
18 Sept 2012
  • Created changelog.php page.
  • Created WUlive.php page & added to menu.
Need to fix table cellpadding on changelog page (text buts to right of 1st and 2nd column boxes). Also need to fix centering of elements on WUlive page.